We Design Build Create Solutions

We believe in providing comprehensive services to our clients. Even if we do not directly offer the service you are looking for, we can connect and coordinate another professional for you.

People Over Profits

We believe in putting people first. Always. This applies to clients, employees, and vendors equally. We built bitHarbor to help people.

No-Compromises Technology

Good enough just isn't. We believe in providing a top-notch service with top-of-the-line hardware and software.

Build A Better World

We believe the world can be better. As designers we have the power to build or destroy empires. This responsibility is close to our hearts.


Who We Are

bitHarbor was created to be your complete solution for whatever marketing and technology your business may need to thrive.

We believe in working with you directly to build a comprensive plan to meet your needs. You won't find any cookie cutter designs or one-size-fits-all tools in our recommendations or projects.

Michael McNees

CEO | Co-Founder | Design & Technology Guru

Hi there! I began my career in the exciting world of pro audio customer support. This foundation in support and technology opened my eyes to the possibility of running a business and treating your customers with respect and dignity. In our corporatized society, too often, profits are chosen over people. The bottom line wins out over quality work; This is not what I want for myself, my clients, or anyone else.

bitHarbor has been my baby since 2016 when I tried to start my own computer building company and realized how poor every web host at the time was. Every service I found was slow, with support who were unable to communicate with me in English effectively. After a year of navigating the industry and building projects on my own, I met Kyle, and we decided to partner up to build something meaningful.

In my spare time, I enjoy video games, playing bass in my band Never Live This Down, and spending time with my wife and pets.

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Kyle Snyder

CFO | Co-Founder | SEO & Data Guru

Coming soon!

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Brock Andrews

CSO | Account Manager | People Guru

I joined bitHarbor in early 2019 after learning about it from Michael.  After hearing about what he was doing for bitHarbor's clients and even more so the approach that he planned to take, I asked to jump on board. I’ve been working in sales and customer service one way or another for the past 20 years.  I find it immensely fulfilling to help people get what they need and taking care of their specific needs.  Web and cloud services have been emerging as an important need for anyone that’s looking to represent themselves, their product, or their business for some time now and I really think we’re at the forefront of that for small businesses and individuals in our community.  I love the idea of working with people that I know are very intelligent and know what they’re doing that, more importantly in my eyes, truly care about the end user and developing an ongoing relationship with them so we can really cater to their needs and offer them an approach specific to their needs. In my spare time I mainly cut up joking around with friends having a good time where ever I can.  I do host karaoke at different local bars and also play and write music.

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